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Microsoft 365 Cloud Solutions

ReformIT are a Silver Microsoft Partner.

  • Flexible plans and pricing based around Microsoft's New Commerce Experience
  • Our management of your licenses ensures license efficiency
  • Full assistance for customers wishing to transition their on-premise servers to the cloud or move from any existing cloud solution to 365
Powerful Cloud-Based System

Key Benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a popular application used by many businesses across many industries, grouping together the best possible apps for your company, with a powerful cloud-based system. Have all the technical tools you need to succeed with Microsoft 365.

By switching to Microsoft Office 365, your business can benefit from:

  • Access to better tools while keeping costs down
  • Access to the latest versions of popular and business based Microsoft programs
  • Multi-device support for a vast amount of applications. Work from your phone or tablet too!
  • The ability to quickly scale your business up or down
  • Improved communication, collaboration and teamwork
  • Increased safety of working from home, it’s never been easier!
  • Easier access to your documents from anywhere, online or offline.
  • Create, edit and share documents with anyone anywhere in real-time.
Not sure how to increase customer recognition?

Professional Customisation

Microsoft 365 has customised tools built for marketing purposes, helping you create a company logo, brand each email and even market your business.

Positive impressions are important for every business, so make your customers’ experience memorable.

Communication across the company

Teamwork Tools

Running out of online space when running a business can be worrisome, but with 1TB of storage per user, all your issues will be resolved. There is plenty of room for all your office files. With files being stored online, you can share that data with whoever you need, from wherever you’re working. Microsoft 365 emphasises the importance of teamwork and allows communication across the company regardless of location, through the use of tools such as shared calendars, content sharing, and team chats.

Improve company productivity

Easy Setup and Management

It’s never been easier to set up Microsoft Office 365 for your business, supporting your ambitions and goals with amazing features. Keeping everything up and running may seem like a daunting task, but with our help and support you can sit back and relax with Microsoft Office 365’s services. Have the latest versions always installed, and stop technical issues from ruining your day. Manage your business technology with ease, and improve company productivity.

Protect your data

Built-In Security

With hackers lurking around every corner, keeping your business safe and secure can be worrisome. For your peace of mind and for the benefit of your business, Microsoft Office 365 is designed to keep all your files safe. With no more pesky viruses to stress about, both you and your customers will feel more self-assured. Protect all your data with 24-hour monitoring, backup and antivirus software.

The tools and functions Microsoft 365 provides can be mixed and matched to your needs, allowing employees across the company to access what they want with no extra cost to you.

Our Packages

We quote based on your business needs so you can get the most out of your money. The suite of tools and functions Microsoft 365 provides can be mixed and matched to enable all employees access to what they need whilst remaining cost effective. All plans are flexible and can be changed at any time.
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