Is your Internet connection a bit slow?


Does your business rely on its internet connection?

Ask yourself these questions: If my broadband stops how much money will I lose every hour or every day? Will my staff be unable to do their jobs? Will my customers be unable to contact me?

If you regularly use the Internet for email and website access to enable you to run your business or if you use the Cloud for hosted services like email, phones, business applications, remote access (the list is long) then having a single broadband connection is a serious weak point.

Standard broadband packages have no Service Level Agreement – there is no guaranteed time for fixing faults and, unlike your phone lines, no compensation route for downtime either!

Even a simple internal fault like someone accidentally pulling out a cable or an equipment failure can cause downtime which all costs you money.

If, like us, you rely heavily on the Internet for customer communication and other vital business functions doesn’t it make sense to have a backup?

Here’s what we propose!

SharedBand is a very cost effective service that allows you to bond up to 4 broadband services together. Not only that but they can be completely different types of service too. You could have one regular BT style ADSL service and one 3G (or 4G very soon) mobile connection.

Faster – and better business continuity

Having multiple broadband services can have other advantages too. With SharedBand the upload and download speeds of all the bonded services can be aggregated – resulting in broadband that is nearly as fast as the sum of the two services. If you are a long way from the BT exchange and don’t yet have access to the Fibre Optic network, then SharedBand provides a really good way of boosting your connection speed.

Additionally, by adding a second broadband service from a different provider you improve internet continuity in the event of a failure of the primary line.

SharedBand costs

For a two-line solution with an aggregated speed up to 18MB the one-off installation cost is around £400 with an on-going subscription fee of £20 + VAT, plus the cost of the second broadband service. We estimate an additional £15 – 40 +VAT for this.

SharedBand can provide an aggregated service of up to 85MB and they’re working on increasing this speed. In the future we think that an ideal solution will be a 40 – 80MB fibre broadband, bonded with a wireless 4G service. Two totally separate, very fast infrastructures that are unlikely to fail at the same time.

What options are available to you depend on where you are and we can help advise the best services for you to give you maximum resiliency.