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Tech Tip – Use the ‘Autocomplete’ Command In ChatGPT

17 May 2023
ChatGPT on laptop

If you need to complete a sentence or get creative when writing some content but don’t have the time or are struggling to come up with new ideas, using the “/autocomplete” command in ChatGPT can help. Here’s how:

“/autocomplete” is a command can be used to generate text that completes the sentence you provide. For example, if you are trying to write a product description, you can type in the partial sentence and use the “/autocomplete” command to generate suggestions for how to complete the sentence.

Here’s a simple example:

  • Let’s say you’re launching a new product and struggling to come up with a catchy name. You can use “/autocomplete” to generate a list of potential names based on a few keywords. Here’s how:
  • Type /autocomplete” in the chat box and hit enter.
  • In the following prompt, enter some keywords related to your product. For example, “innovative,” “technology,” “modern,” etc. ChatGPT will then generate a list of potential product names based on your keywords, such as “InnovaTech,” “ModTech,” “TechGenius,” etc.
  • You can then choose your favourite name from the list or use them as inspiration to come up with your own unique name.
  • Using “/autocomplete” in this way can be a helpful tool for generating ideas and inspiration when you’re stuck or need a quick boost of creativity.