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What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure offers advanced cloud solutions enabling you to develop and provide high quality apps to your customers. You can be guaranteed the highest level of security and complete data management. It provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to give you complete control. Azure supports a wide variety of programming languages, frameworks and tools, including Microsoft-specific and third-party systems and software.

microsoft azure

Azure covers hundreds of services, some of which are detailed below:

Build and Compute

  • Virtual machines allow users to launch general purpose Linux and Microsoft Windows virtual machines and preconfigured software packages
  • Developers are able to easily publish and manage websites and applications
  • High density website hosting, allowing developers to build websites using ASP.NET, Node.js, PHP or Python
  • WebJobs- background processing for applications that can be invoked on schedule, demand, or run continuously.

Advanced Storage

  • Store and access data on the cloud using REST, SDK APIs and SMB protocol
  • Blog Service is used to allow programs to store binary data and unstructured text as blogs, accessed by a HTTP(S) path. Security mechanisms are used to control access to data.
  • Programs can store structured text in a NoSQL non-relational database that are accessed by partition and primary keys using Azure’s Table Service
  • Programs are able to communicate asynchronously using the message queue service

Mobile Services

  • Mobile Engagement – collects real-time analytics to highlight users’ behaviour
  • Distribute, develop and beta-test mobile apps with HockeyApp

Data Management

  • Access and manage data using Azure’s complex variety of data management resources including Azure Search, DocumentDB, Redis Cache, StorSimple, SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse
  • Handle data intensive and computational queries on datasets exceeding 1TB
  • Manage tasks between cloud storage and on-premises devices
  • Integrate with Microsoft System Calendar, Active Directory and Hadoop

These are just some of Azure’s brilliant features. For more detailed and specific information please contact ReformIT’s support team.

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