IASME – Information Assurance for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Take your IT and Information Security Seriously!

IASME Consortium

IASME provides a new information security management standard, based closely on related international standards (ISO 27001), but structured and scaled specifically for smaller businesses with limited resources. Using the principles of the international standards, it establishes the information risk of the individual business, assesses the current risk management achievements, and then advises on necessary improvements in line with the risk level and capability of the business.

To maintain the integrity of the standard, The IASME Consortium trains and licenses the Assessors, advice and assessment remains independent of solution suppliers and all assessments are moderated by the Consortium, which issues the certificates to the client. Certificates are checked and renewed annually.

ReformIT has partnered with IASME [http://iasme.co.uk], which uses international standards to assess information security risk and recommend improvements. The scheme is designed specifically for small businesses. We’re in the process of becoming a licensed assessor for the scheme. We will work with you to assess your current level of Information Security and then make recommendations to bring you up to the required IASME standard. We can supply and implement any required IT solutions such as network hardware or Anti Malware software or alternatively work with your existing IT support company to achieve certification.

How secure is your IT?

Independent assessors certify your business to either Bronze, Silver or Gold level. The assessment is also moderated by IASME to ensure the integrity of the scheme.

All small businesses change frequently and in many ways such as staff, IT, location etc. We will continue to work with you toward further improvements and annual assessment ensures the procedures and policies put in place are maintained and adapt to your evolving business.

For businesses with up to 25 employees certification costs around £2000. You will be sent a pack to complete. Early completion keeps costs down. Repeat visits or extra consultancy work are at additional cost.

Once certified you can proudly display the logo on all of your marketing documentation, website, signage etc. Ensure your customers and suppliers know that you take the security of their information seriously!