Hosted VoIP Telephone Systems

Are you paying BT for lots of phone lines every month?

Hosted VoIP

Are you struggling with an old phone system that doesn’t do what you want? Do you need a phone system?

Maybe you have more than one location and wish that you could easily transfer calls between them or that incoming calls would ring on all phones in all locations so it would look like you were all in one building? Would you just like the features of a full-blown phone system without having to pay for all the lines and equipment?

We have partnered with an established Hosted VoIP provider to provide this service.

The system includes Enterprise level features like:

IVR menu systems, call queues, hunt groups, Voicemail to email, Fax to email, conference calling and call parking.

Call Recording is also available – calls are kept on the providers server for 2 weeks but you can download them and keep them forever on your own system.

You can keep your existing number(s) even if you move to a completely different area.

You can also add numbers from other areas to make it look like you are local which can be a beneficial marketing tool.


VoIP – our offering

This is an example “Small Business” package that we can offer:


Up to 5 Users

2 incoming lines (note that simultaneous outbound calls are only limited by the number of phones and don’t tie up incoming lines)

500 minutes to UK landlines per month included

250 minutes to UK mobiles per month included

Fax to Email service

End user support via email

£49 + VAT per month


Call charges outside the bundled minutes would be charged in addition to this.  This does not include broadband line charges.

One-off set up costs apply and a successful VoIP phone system needs a fairly good broadband service so we would do some tests first and advise if anything needs to be done in terms of broadband capacity.

A very approximate cost for 5 new desk phones, 8 port POE switch, porting up to 2 numbers, programming and delivery would be around £900 + VAT  – give us a call and we can discuss your exact requirements and provide a full quote.