Hosted Email / SharePoint / Office Web Apps

MS Partner providing MS hosted Cloud based services

office 365

We have partnered with Microsoft to provide all of their hosted Cloud based services, the biggest collection of which is called Microsoft Office 365 Depending on which plan you select Office 365 comprises:

Hosted Microsoft Exchange (works with Outlook) which acts as your email post office as well as allowing collaboration and sharing of Calendars, Contacts and any email folders between users.

One of its most useful features is it allows you to synchronise ALL of your email, contacts and calendars between multiple devices like your iPhone, iPad, Laptop and Desktop. So it doesn’t matter what you use to update your Calendar or send an email – that new meeting or sent email will appear in all of your devices within a few seconds. If you don’t have any working device to hand but you can get to an Internet connected computer you can also log in and access all of that information through the Outlook Web App which is basically Microsoft Outlook in a web browser like IE.

Hosted Microsoft SharePoint 2010: which in its basic form is a very powerful but easy to use document management system. It allows you to upload any documents you and your team need to share and collaborate on. You can track document versions, enable work flows and see who has worked on what. The document management capabilities of SharePoint really only scratch the surface – Microsoft firmly believe this is the way forward and how we will all be storing and sharing information in the near future!

Hosted Microsoft Lync which is essentially a bit like Skype allowing you to Instant Message and video call people.

Hosted Microsoft Office Web Apps – which are Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint – but all in a web browser. This enables you to open and edit your documents on almost any device that has browser software that can display web pages. It also means you don’t necessarily need to buy a local copy of Microsoft Office to install on your computer – although like any hosted service it does rely on an Internet connection to work.

Office 365 costs

Complete Office 365 plans start from just £4 + VAT per user per month and you don’t have to have every component – for example if you only want the Hosted Exchange / Email part that can cost as little as £2.82 + VAT per user per month on its own.

We can also offer other Microsoft Hosted services like their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software called Microsoft Dynamics. It allows you to track communication with your customers, generate marketing campaigns and quotes and It all integrates beautifully with Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint (both hosted and non-hosted versions).

All of these hosted solutions are aimed at giving small to medium sized businesses the IT functionality you would perhaps only normally see in a large organisation but at a very affordable level. A five person organisation can have hosted telephones and Office 365 with our Cloud Support Service for less than £100 + VAT per month!

Of course if you are going to move to The Cloud that puts much more demand and reliance on your Internet Connection. Check out our SharedBand page to learn how you can back that up!