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Mailstore Server is one of the world’s leading solutions for email archiving.

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Reform IT are proud to be a MailStore re-seller. We will fully install the software and get you set up to start archiving your emails efficiently and in compliance with GDPR laws!

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mailstore email archiving

Keep a perfect copy of every email conversation, manage your mailbox sizes without limiting what’s accessible to users, and satisfy compliance requirements.

Advantages for Your Company

  • Reduce your reliance on a single email provider
  • Automatically manage mailbox sizes
  • More powerful searching for users
  • Satisfy GDPR and other compliance requirements
  • Guaranteed protection against data loss
  • Preserves emails with all their original attachments in their original, tamper-proof form


  • Up to 10 year email store with configurable retention policies
  • Per user per month pricing (state the pricing on the site if I were you) – Prices start at £4 + VAT per mailbox per month
  • No long contract terms
  • Hosted in Reform IT’s own data centre
  • Cloud based
  • Restore data quickly

Supported Email Systems

  • Exchange Server 2003 – 2016
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • G Suite
  • All IMAP or POP3 compatible email servers
  • PST, EML and other email files
  • Email clients such as Microsoft Outlook

What is Email Archiving?

Billions of emails are sent and received each day worldwide for a range of purposes including contracts, invoices, and other important business related information. Email archiving fundamentally accomplishes the documentation and prevention of data loss by storing emails securely and preserving their content. Data can remain available over a longer period of time. A single email can now be retrieved and restored within seconds rather than going through lengthy back-up procedures.

Back-up Alone is Not Enough

A back-up simply secures important data and preserves it so it can be restored as needed which is an important factor in any business. However, this is not enough when meeting certain legal regulations. Email archiving uses measures such as encryption and hash values to ensure legally mandated protection against tampering. Manual back-ups of emails can be a time-consuming task, however with email archiving all emails can be fully accessible with ease in their original, tamper-proof form.

Six advantages of email archiving include:

1. Legal Safeguard for Email Compliance

Email archiving enables emails to be stored in their entirety in an accessible, tamper-proof manner for many years. It’s also used as a crucial tool for companies to protect themselves against customer complaints or legal risks, and makes it easier for emails to be used as evidence in court proceedings.

Businesses in heavy regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare or legal government have an increasing number of requirements and regulations they have to consider when managing their emails.

MailStore Server can help meet GDPR requirements by defining sophisticated retention policies.

2. Protection Against Data Loss

Emails can easily be deleted at will or by mistake, whole mailboxes can be deleted when a user resigns from a company, or a disaster could strike causing you to lose your data.

Email archiving ensures every email is saved in its entirety as soon as it’s received including any email attachments, and each email remains available and searchable for years. Protection against data loss is guaranteed.

3. Plenty of Space

It happens all too often, your Outlook announces that your mailbox is full and rejects any new emails. You then have to delete old emails and attachments to make space, which isn’t ideal. These kinds of scenarios won’t happen with email archiving.

4. Independence and Security


At many companies, emails are stored on external servers rather than locally and under the company’s control. When data is lost or an email server is down, all users at your company can use email archive to access all emails. Companies remain self-sufficient from the email service provider or email service and can carry out their business with no interruption.

5. Increased Productivity and Efficiency


Email archiving enables works to be more productive as they are able to quickly search through all emails and attachments with ease. The volume of data is always kept as low as possible which enables faster backups and quicker recovery times No longer does IT have to go through a long process of manually restoring lost emails, instead every user can independently restore emails at the click of a button.

6. Long-Term Solution for PST files


Corrupt PST files can be a nightmare, and if this happens they can only be restored if the PST file has been backed up. The sensitivity to error puts a strain on the IT department. Email archiving allows for PST files to be archived centrally without having to change access permissions.

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