We once just thought of Clouds as Little and Fluffy

How things have changed!

cloud solutions
The Cloud is now potentially a very powerful tool for all Small Businesses and is undoubtedly the way of the future as far as Small Businesses and IT are concerned.

What is the Cloud? What are Cloud Solutions?

The term Cloud came about because the Internet was often represented as a cloud in diagrams, as the Internet is essentially made up of a “cloud” of computers. When people talk about “The Cloud” they tend to mean services and applications you can use that are hosted on a computer connected to the Internet. If you have been using email from Hotmail or accessing your bank account online, then you’ve been using The Cloud. Servers connected to the Internet are storing and sending you your email or displaying information about how far in credit or overdrawn you are!

The thing that’s made The Cloud a big buzzword recently is the increase in broadband speed. In the early days of dial up connections and very early broadband, the internet was slow!

With increasing speed, information and services like television, phone calls, large emails and even big company databases can now all happily run in The Cloud.

Why use the Cloud?

It comes down to cost. Why buy, run and maintain your own server, when you can rent all these functions much more cheaply. You can also access your Cloud services everywhere. We’re all getting quite used to receiving our email wherever we are and on whatever device we want. This can now also apply to all of your business documents, database, accounts system, telephone system …

What’s the catch?

Cloud Computing issues are mostly to do with security and availability. When selecting a Cloud Service Partner you must be sure that the service they provide is secure and that they have sufficient resources to cope with a disaster. It’s very important that your data is kept safe and secure and, in the event anything goes wrong, either backup systems kick in straight away to ensure service continuity or, at worst, the service is very quickly restored minimizing any impact on your business.

With that in mind we have put together a collection of Cloud-based services from selected partners who we are very confident can provide that level of service: