16 Dec

Google Chrome’s ‘Incognito’ Mode Not So Incognito »

Google Chrome’s ‘Incognito’ Mode Not So Incognito

Research by Internet Privacy Company DuckDuckGo is reported to have produced evidence that could show that even in Incognito mode,

16 Dec

Does Your Business Take Cash? »

Does Your Business Take Cash?

Cashless businesses that only take contactless card payments, such as cafes and bars may be growing in number in major cities but despite their apparent

16 Dec

02 Outage – What Happened »

02 Outage – What Happened

After last week’s major O2 4G mobile network outage which left millions of customers with no network data access has been blamed on an expired software

16 Dec

5G Explained »

5G Explained

Whereas most carriers use low-band spectrum or LTE, which offers great coverage area and penetration, it is getting very crowded, and peak data speeds only top out at around

16 Dec

Automatic Broadband Compensation Is Nigh »

Automatic Broadband Compensation Is Nigh

After Ofcom announced back in November 2017 that broadband and landline customers will automatically be able to get compensation from their provi

16 Dec

Tech Tip – Create A Travel Itinerary in Bing »

Tech Tip – Create A Travel Itinerary in Bing

If you’re planning a trip to an exciting destination you can now create your own travel itinerary in the Bing search engine.

07 Dec

SIM Swap Scam Warning »

A recent investigation by BBC TV’s Watchdog Live revealed evidence that some mobile phone shop staff are not conducting proper ID checks for replacement SIM requests, thereby enabling some

07 Dec

70% Increase In DDoS Cyber Attacks On Black Friday Prompts Christmas Warning »

Cyber security experts are warning companies with online shops to have adequate protection against DDoS attacks in place after a 70% increase in that kind of cyber-attack was recorded on Bla

07 Dec

ICO Investigation Into Police Use of Facial Recognition Technology »

ICO head Elizabeth Dunham is reported to have launched a formal investigation into how police forces use facial recognition technology (FRT) after high failure rates, misidentifications and

07 Dec

Liberty Wins Right To Judicial Review Into Investigatory Powers Act »

The fact that Human rights group Liberty has won the right for a judicial review into the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 could mean a legal challenge in the high court as soon as next year.