Microsoft Silver Partner
Office 365 Cloud


Reform IT are a Silver Microsoft Partner and can offer many benefits:

  • Flexible pricing for that is cheaper than Microsoft direct
  • Plans that can be changed at any time
  • Full migration services for customers who wish to transition from on-site servers into the cloud

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Key Benefits of Office 365 Cloud

More and more businesses are reporting success with Office 365, a cloud based system with powerful functionalities. By moving to the cloud your small business can benefit from:

  • Access to better tools while keeping costs down
  • Access to popular and business based Microsoft programs that are always kept up to date with the latest versions
  • The ability to quickly scale your business
  • Improved communication and teamwork
  • Increased company mobility
  • Easier access to your documents from anywhere, online or offline
  • Create, edit and share documents from anywhere with anyone in real time

Professional Customisation

Build recognition and market your business by branding your business-class email with your company name with easy to use, customised marketing tools. Connect to your colleagues and customers easily with a range of communication tools including email, IM, social networking and video conferencing.

Teamwork Tools

With 1TB of storage per user, you and your colleagues will have plenty of space for all your office files. All files are stored online, enabling you to share with people in or outside your company whenever you need to from wherever you’re working. All your team will remain in sync with Office 365’s multi-party HD video, shared calendars, content sharing and team chat.

Easy Setup and Management

You can start using Office 365’s great features quickly and set up new users with step by step guidance. The easy-to-use admin centre an be accessed from anywhere to manage all your services. Plus, Office 365 takes care of all IT elements for you, so you can be sure all your services are up and running properly and are always up to date with the latest versions.

Built in Security


Office 365 uses the defence-in-depth approach to provide your business with logical, physical and data layers of security features. It features built in antispam and antivirus protection as well as advanced threat protection safeguard against external threats. With 24-hour monitoring of datacentres, you can feel confident that all your important files are kept safe and secure.


Office 365 Cloud Packages

We quote based on your business needs so you can get the most out of your money. The suite of tools and functions Office 365 provides can be mixed and matched to enable all employees access to what they need whilst remaining cost effective. All plans are flexible and can be changed at any time.



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